Just Before SHOCK


Titre : Just Before SHOCK
Album : SHOCK of the New Era
Date de sortie : 2010.03.01
Interprété par : BEAST
Composition : Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyuseong
: Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyuseong, Yong Junhyung

Just Before SHOCK – Version coréenne

[동운] 니 생각에 또 나는 길을 헤매고
소리쳐 불러 봐도 아무런 대답이 없어

[기광] 우리 행복한 날도 함께한 시간도
되돌릴 수 없나 봐 시간이 이렇게 가나 봐

[두준] 너밖에 모르던 나의 이 두 눈엔
너의 하얗던 웃음 나를 부르던 너의 모습만 (생각나)

[현승] 또 생각이 나고 난 눈물이 나고
다시 또 너를 찾아 헤매

[요섭] Baby baby plz (plz) 내게 다시 돌아와 (내게 돌아와)
Baby baby Y (Y) 자꾸만 내게서 멀어져 (멀어지는 너)
(Plz) [동운] 사랑한다고
(Plz) [기광] 말해달라고
(Y) [현승] 붙잡으려 해도 아무런 대답이 없어
[요섭] Baby baby plz (plz) 돌아서서 한번만 딱 한번만 날 한번만
웃으며 날 바라봐 줘

[준형] (이 제 나 를 떠 나가 는 너)
아직 지키지 못한 약속이 너무 많은데
(매 일 밤 을 울 고 있 어 나)
이별은 나를 물어뜯고 상처만 남겨 놔 oh God

Just Before SHOCK – Version romanisée

[DW] Ni saengage tto naneun kireul hemaego
Soricheo bulleo bwado amureon taedabi eopseo

[KG] Uri haengbokhan naldo hamkkehan shigando
Twedollil su eopna bwa shigani ireotke kana bwa

[DJ] Neopakke moreudeon naye i du nune
Neoye hayatteon useum nareul bureudeon neoye moseupman (Saengakna)

[HS] Tto saenggagi nago nan nunmuri nago
Tashi tto neoreul chaja hemae

[YS] Baby baby plz (plz) Naege dashi dorawa (Naege dorawa)
Baby baby Y (Y) Jakkuman naegeseo meoreojeo (Meoreojineun neo)
(Plz) [DW] Saranghandago
(Plz) [KG] Malhaetallago
(Y) [HS] Putjabeuryeo haedo amureon taedabi eopseo
[YS] Baby baby plz (plz) Doraseoseo hanbeonman ttak hanbeonman nal hanbeonman
Useumyeo nal barabwa jweo

[JH] (I-je na-reul tteo-naga-neun neon)
Ajik chikiji mothan yaksogi neomu maneunde
(Mae-il pam-eul ul-go-i-sseo-na)
Ibyeoreun nareul mureotteutko sangcheoman namgyeo nwa oh God

Just Before SHOCK – Traduction anglaise

[DW] I roam around the road with thoughts of you
No matter how much I scream, there is no reply

[KG] Our happy days, even the times we spent together
There is no way to turn it back, this is how time goes

[DJ] My very eyes that only had you in sight
Your brilliant smile. Your appearance when you called my name (I remember it)

[HS] I remember them again. Tears start to fall
Again, I wander in search for you

[YS] Baby baby plz (plz) Come back to me again (Come back to me)
Baby baby Y (Y) You keep moving further away (You are moving further)
(Plz) [DW] I love you
(Plz) [KG] Tell me
(Y) [HS] Even when I am trying to get a hold you, there is no reply
[YS] Baby baby plz (plz) Turn around once more. Just once more, for me, once more
Look at me while smiling

[JH] (Now you are leaving me)
There are still promises yet to be fulfilled
(I’m left crying every night)
This parting has left nothing but biting wounds behind oh God

Romanisation : Isabelle@beastarethebest
Traduction coréen-anglais : dujunseob & yongism@b2strising


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